Frequently Asked Questions

In Massachusetts, "club soccer" refers to soccer teams that draw players from a wider region than a single town, with the intent of playing at a more competitive level, anywhere in the state, including bordering areas.  Other states might refer to these teams as "select" or "premier" teams.

To provide a rich development environment, locally and affordably, for committed soccer players.

Because club soccer offers the highest level of play available in the state and its structure is based solely on merit.

Cape Cod ReUnited holds tryouts annually, in June, for all age groups.  Tryout information (dates, times, venue) is posted online on this website by May 1st.

Yes.  Early registration for tryouts allows CCRU to allocate resources and finalize the tryout schedule as early as possible.  Once registered for tryouts, you will receive timely updates via email to the email address you indicate in your profile.

CCRU will take tryout registration as the measure of genuine interest for a given age group, and will only run tryouts for age groups with enough players to field a team.

Every player competing for a roster spot in a team is expected to attend both tryouts because: a) every player is evaluated among and against his/her peers; b) the format of each session is different, to evaluate different skill sets; c) players are not guaranteed a place on the roster in any subsequent season; and d) CCRU values and seeks committed players—and supportive parents—who understand the demands of club soccer.

On August 1, 2016, NSL adopted the USSF's birth-year registration mandates.  From that date on all regional and national USYS competitions will be based on age group cut-offs of January 1st for each age group.

To determine the age group for your child, consult the USSF Birth Year and Season Matrix.  Keep in mind that when determining the age group for a seasonal year, the year the competition ends should be used; i.e., the spring year for CCRU players.

For the 2017-2018 seasonal soccer year, CCRU will run tryouts for any age group from U9 through U18/19, for both boys and girls, for which there is interest per actual registration for tryouts.

CCRU's online registration for tryouts, which is required, will automatically assign players to their appropriate age group.

Players may try out for the next older age group available only if CCRU does not offer a team in their appropriate age group, or, if because an age group was not offered in a previous year, a player has already been a member of an older age group CCRU team.

In a nutshell, team selection works as follows:

CCRU runs two tryouts per age group.  Players for a team will be selected by the team's coach—with input from CCRU's Coaching Staff who participated in the evaluation—based on the evaluation of their performance among their peers.  The team head coach will—following CCRU's Director of Coaching's approval—within 48 hours following the second tryout, email trough CCRU's Registrar, roster spot offers for parents to register their players online.

Roster spot offers are valid for 24 hours.  By letting it expire a player forfeits their roster spot and goes to the back of the line, including the wait-list.

Team rosters, based on online registrations, must be defined by July 1st at the latest, for all age groups.

Please know that CCRU is not for everyone.  CCRU seeks committed players.  Players and parents are expected to make attendance to training sessions and games a priority.

Yes.  Except for extraordinary circumstances (e.g., sickness, family wedding), players are expected to attend all training sessions and games.  Moreover, except for emergencies, players and/or their parents must give their coach plenty of advance notice.  Absence from training and/or games could affect playing time and excessive absence could affect status on the team.

For all age groups through U15, CCRU coaches shall strive to provide players equal playing time.  However, playing time is earned based on: attendance to training sessions, scrimmages and games; effort put into learning new techniques and tactics; attitude; and ability to implement in game situations what players have been taught.  Playing time may vary from game to game.

CCRU goes to great lengths to hire high quality coaches; coaches that have a singular focus on helping CCRU players develop to their best potential.  Our Coaches place a specific emphasis on creating a team environment that fosters communication with, and support for, all of our players.  Accordingly, CCRU has a strict policy of restricting any and all parent discussions with Coaches as it relates to issues such as playing time, positioning, or other tactical or strategic matters.  If a player needs or wants to talk to their Coach about such issues, the CCRU Board is committed to ensuring that that player will have an open and free opportunity to do so directly.

For ages up to U-14, a Club Soccer year during which a player is on a team consists of a Fall season and a Spring season.  The Fall season is 9 weeks long:  it begins in September and finishes in early to mid November; the Spring season is 7 weeks long:  it begins in late March or early April and finishes at the end of May or early June.

U-15 and older age groups only compete in the Spring.  The Fall season is reserved for high-school soccer.

Although schedules don't come out until two or three weeks before the start of the season, you should be able to plan your 2017-2018 seasonal year based on the following:

For ages U10–U14, the club soccer seasonal year consists of 16 games:  9 in the fall, 7 in the spring.  All regular-schedule games are on Sundays.  The U9 Program follows a different schedule and format.

The fall club soccer season is 9-weeks long, starting the Sunday after Labor Day.  So for the Fall of 2017, the first scheduled game will be September 10th and the final game will be on November 12th.  There will not be a game on Sunday, October 8th (Columbus Day weekend).  That being said, if a game is rained out or rescheduled for any other reason (although weather is usually the only reason), it can be made up anytime (even on a school night, even if it is a far-away game).

Game times are at either 9:00, 10:15 or 11:30 for 9v9 games; and either 1:00, 2:45 or 4:30 for 11v11 games, but they shift a half-hour or hour earlier after the time changes in the fall (it will affect the last two games in the Fall of 2017).  There can be anywhere from 2-6 away games, although the club soccer leagues strive to have a 50/50 home and away ratio inasmuch as possible.

Game dates in the spring of 2018 are likely to be: 4/8, 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13 and 6/3. This is because the league does not schedule games on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend (5/28th), or on the preceding Sunday (to avoid conflict with State Cup competition).  Please note that there are games on both weekends bookending school vacation in April; plan accordingly: players are expected to make both games.

There is pre-season training for both fall and spring, which might involve scrimmages.

The fee schedule for the 2017-2018 seasonal soccer year is:

7-U through 9-U (aka, Junior Academy): $75.00 (fall season)

10-U through 15-U (7v7 or 9v9 or 11v11): $1,030.00 (full seasonal soccer year)

16-U through 18-U: $995.00 (high-school prep in August, winter training and spring season)

For 10-U through 18-U, this fee pays for NSL registration and bond, MAYSA registration, prep camp in August (for all teams, including high-school players), player evaluation, goalkeeper training, winter training, fields rental, coach development and seasonal-year training.

During the Fall and Spring seasons, players will have two training sessions every week.

Junior Academy players will have a clinic and small-sided games on Sundays.  The Junior Academy will be run locally.

The uniform is not part of the registration fee.  If it was, you'd be required to purchase a uniform every year.

CCRU lets you decide when to purchase a new uniform.  In fact, you don't even need to purchase a full new uniform, only what you need (shirt or shorts, etc.) and you can even pass uniforms down to siblings (this is why the solid colors of the uniform don't change).

In short, separating uniform purchase from the registration fee helps us keep costs down and empowers you to decide when to purchase uniform items.

50% of the fee is due upon notification of your child making the team following tryouts; the balance is due by November 1st.

Credit card online and PayPal.

Our policy is to not refund registration fees.

Cape Cod ReUnited is a non-profit club that uses registration fees to pay for seasonal-year costs such as league fees, field and facility rentals, insurance, performance bonds, and player training.  These fixed costs determine our registration fees, which are used to cover our costs.  Prompt agreement to join a team, register and make payment of registration fees helps the Club continue to keep costs as low as possible.

Whereas CCRU enters into the above irrevocable seasonal-year commitments on behalf of its registered players, payment for the full seasonal-year is due even if a player stops attending team events prior to the end of the seasonal year, regardless of reason or duration.

CCRU operates, by design, with a bare-bones budget to make the program as affordable as possible.  Budgeting is based on a per-player fee, which is as low as it can be for the club to meet its financial commitments.  Therefore, CCRU cannot offer additional discounts to members because it is already charging the minimum possible fee.